ЖУРНАЛ «СТА» №3/2006

TABLE OF CONTENTS CTA 3/2006 64 Automated system for pottery ware baking By Vladimir Morozov The design and functionality of the automated pottery ware baking system introduced into workshop no. 4 of the Golitsyno Pottery are reported. The goals of automation, as well as the selection of hardware/software and network topology, are described. DEVELOPMENT/ Power Engineering 70 Generator temperature measuring system By Vladimir Garkusha and Vladimir Gololobov A multichannel system from the NIPS Сo. measures the temperature at points of reference along the turbogenerator of a 100- to 300-MW power- generating unit. HARDWARE/ Sensors 74 DPHarp — advanced technologies in pressure, flow-rate, and level measurement By Vasiliy Kravchenko Some time ago, Yokogawa Corp. (Japan) made a breakthrough in the pressure sensor technology with its DPHarp approach to pressure meas- urement. Recently, Yokogawa has announced pressure sensors of the EJX series, which signifies a great stride forward in industrial automation facil- ities. ENGINEER'S NOTEBOOK 76 Grounding in industrial automation systems Part 2 By Victor Denisenko The second (last) part of the article describing grounding approaches used to provide stable operation of industrial automated systems and pro- tect personnel against electrical shock. 94 Universal system software for Fastwel AI Modules By Maxim Ovod Analog I/O modules have found wide application in industrial automated systems, specifically, in data acquisition/processing systems. In this arti- cle, an advanced approach to programming AI16-5A and AIC123 Fastwel analog I/O modules is considered. Particular attention is given to the soft- ware that is delivered free of charge together with the modules. EXHIBITIONS, CONFERENCES, SEMI- NARS 96 PTA North-West 2006: new goals and new achievements By Natalya Vasyutina 97 Spring at Hanover Fair By Leonora Turok 100 PROSOFT Solution Day — a variety of solutions for industrial automation By Aleksandr Solopov 101 QNX-Russia-2006 conference By Aleksandr Lipnitskiy SHOWROOM 102 SYSTEM INTEGRATION PROJECTS IN BRIEF 108 NEWS 62, 66 REVIEW/ Hardware 6 Tools for developing human-machine interface for haz- ardous areas Part 2 By Victor Zhdankin Part 2 of this review is devoted to iPC-EX operator terminals and IBM PC- compatible VISUEX panel computers. Compared with TERMEX operator terminals described in part 1, these devices produced by Pepperl+Fuchs EXTEC GmbH are intended for solving more complicated problems. SYSTEM INTEGRATION/ Metallurgy 18 Information and control systems in metallurgy By Aleksei Svetlichniy and Konstantin Leikovskiy Local automation systems with extended functionality and their integra- tion into the unified production control system are demonstrated with the advances of the DONIX Co. in the field of control systems for main elec- tric drives of reversing rolling mills. 26 Control system for electrode material baking process By Stanislav Soshkin, Aleksandr Antonyan, Gennadiy Poltorak and Nikolay Sorokin The design and functionality of a system controlling the electrode baking process in the Novocherkassk Electrode Plant are described. The introduction of this system has made it possible to raise the quality of electrodes and cut the fuel consumption. 32 Automated control system for vertical dries of ladles By Victor Perekhodchenko, Aleksandr Rebedak, Sergey Garkavenko, Olga Shevchenko, Larisa Levina, Aleksandr Borisov, Natalya Khmolyaninova and Dmitriy Kolesnichenko The basic stage in preparation of ladles for steel casting is lining drying, which must strictly follow a given temperature chart and consume energy resources as little as possible. In this article, we describe the operating conditions of a ladle vertical dryer and its components with emphasis on the control system. Its potential and operating efficiency that is based on field-test data are reported. DEVELOPMENT/ Aviation 38 Flight data recorder By Mark Cheldiev, Nikolay Talan, Aleksandr Belonogov, Sergey Egorychev and Valeriy Kulichenko The article touches upon the issue of designing a flight data recorder intended for unmanned aircrafts. DEVELOPMENT/ Control and Measuring Systems 44 Control and test instrumentation for an optoelectronic telescope complex By Andrey Belevich, Victor Belov, Victor Brusilovsky and Vladimir Pozhidaev The layout diagram and constituents of instrumentation designed for con- trolling an optoelectronic telescope complex in the course of adjustment and testing are considered. The design approach is described, which has made it possible to cut the development time, time of manufacture, and the time of hardware/software debugging. DEVELOPMENT/ Building Materials 52 Process control system for concrete-mixing plant By Roman Belyakov, Yurii Efimov and Kirill Naranov A process control system for the concrete-mixing plant at the Odintsovo Trading House is described. This system has made it possible to consid- erably reduce the dosage inaccuracy, control the material consumption, and improve the quality of shipments. 58 Automated system for controlling the cement level and weight in silos of cement works By Victor Gusev, Mikhail Bronin and Aleksandr Kuleshov The article describes an automated system for control of the cement level and weight that has been advantageously put into operation in cement works. This system allows maintenance staff to take stock of the finished product, optimize the silo load, display archival and current data on the LAN monitors, and transfer data to the automated control system of the works. СТА 3/2006 www.cta.ru 112 CD-ROMs in this issue EPLAN, PROSOFT