120 REVIEW /Embedded Systems 6 Сharacteristic features of conduction cooled on-board systems By Aleksei Medvedev The article covers issues relating to the design implementation of the conduction cooled on-board computer controlled information complexes based on the domestically produced FASTWEL computers. 12 AdvantiX ER – shockproof unattended computers made in Russia By Sergey Dronov The article focuses on a line of the AdvantiX ER embedded computers, describes the technologies used to build the computers of this lineup and shows the characteristics of each product. Also discussed are possible applications of the products with consideration of the design features typical of the AdvantiX ER line. REVIEW/Hardware 16 Supercomputers are becoming faster and more affordable By Aleksei Zhirkov and Victor Vysotsky The article provides a description of the current approaches to achieving high energy efficiency and computing power of the high-performance hardware platforms. Also included is a brief review of heterogeneous computing architectures illustrated by the example of Eurotech high-performance computing complexes. 22 General-purpose Windows and Android tablet PCs By Dmitriy Kabachnik This article gives an overview of the Panasonic FZ-M1 fully rugged tablet running Windows 8.1 and the FZ-B2 model running the Android 4.4 operating system. Also discussed are the results of Panasonic’s market research on the rapid rise in popularity of tablet PCs for corporate use and reasons for switching to rugged products. 30 Please meet ACME Portable By Evgeniy Shklyayev The article offers a review of the ACME Portable products. ACME Portable is one of the leading manufacturers of the rugged workstations, multi-display computer platforms, operator consoles and customized systems. REVIEW/Software 36 Software safety, security and certification Part 4. Examples and perspectives By Nikolay Gorbunov Article provides an overview of up-to-date software safety and security standards, along with uncovering the common associated terminology issues. Fundamental software quality concerns are discussed and linked to the regulatory base. Examples of certified and certifiable COTS software products are provided, and some practical approaches to achieving compliance are considered. Part 4 gives some practical examples based on COTS products and sets perspectives for convergence of software safety and security technologies. DEVELOPMENT/Oil & Gas Industry 42 Aspects of implementation of the crude oil custody transfer metering system By Maxim Mikhailov, Evgeniy Ivanov and Dmitriy Mileshin This article describes the new GC Argosy hardware and software solutions based on the SIMATIC products, ASP.Net and Silverlight technologies which have been used when implementing the data processing system for crude oil custody transfer measurements. DEVELOPMENT/Marine Equipment 46 Development of an integrated monitoring and control system based on FASTWEL industrial controllers By Lyudmila Grosheva, Vladimir Merzlyakov, Sergey Perevezentsev and Valeriy Plyushchayev This article describes an integrated monitoring and control system for ship facilities. The system has been implemented on the project PKS-40 passenger paddle ships. Also, the article discusses the system functionality and its distinguishing features as well as the structure architecture of the system and hardware-software implementation based on the FASTWEL industrial controllers and Advantech panel PCs. DEVELOPMENT/Railway Transport 52 Research complex for approving the solutions for the metro By Sergey Soldatov, Mariya Makarova and Aleksandra Khodina The article is about a research complex to test and approve the solutions for the metro. Also the paper shows how to use the research complex when developing a comprehensive equipment diagnostic subsystem in the automated dispatch control system. The article takes a look at the current technical requirements of the Moscow metro. DEVELOPMENT/Electrical Industry 58 Upgrade of the control system at the VARTA production lines By Ivan Gurov The article describes a successful experience in upgrading an automatic control system for the VARTA battery production line. Due to the software and hardware compatibility of the VIPA PLCs with the previous SIEMENS S5/S7 series, a new automation system has been implemented in a very short time, and the best VIPA equipment cost/performance ratio has brought the economic benefits. DEVELOPMENT/Research 62 Multiprocessor vector parallel-pipeline M-13 computer By Yurii Rogachev Computer experts, both in our country and abroad, considered the parallel computer architecture when solving the large computing problems as an important scientific and technical breakthrough. The computer concept suggested by M. Kartsev was, as far as we can judge, the world’s first concept of a full parallel computing system with parallelization on all four levels (programs, commands, data, words). The parallel architecture contributed much to boost the computing performance, and even when using imperfect hardware components, the speed of the M-13 computer was from 10 to 50 million operations per second. HARDWARE/Industrial Controllers 68 A domestic controller for critical applications By Aleksei Elov and Dmitriy Dobriyan The article presents the REGUL R600 programmable logic controller developed by PROSOFT-Systems engineers. The serial production of this PLC commenced in 2014. The characteristics of the REGUL R600 PLC make it a unique domestic product that meets the strictest requirements for industrial automation equipment. Also included is a description of the controller, its functionality and specifications. HARDWARE/Industrial Networks 72 Development of Industrial Ethernet technology through an example of brand new communication equipment By Mikhail Dormakov The article examines the basic trends in the development of the Industrial Ethernet technology illustrated by the examples of the new Hirschmann and EtherWAN products. These examples vividly demonstrate the functionality and peculiarities of application of the modern network devices. HARDWARE/Power Supplies 78 Mobile onboard power system By Aleksandr Klevtsov The article describes a mobile controlled power source used in the special wheel- and track-mounted vehicle manufacturing process. The mobile controlled power source offers a high quality power supply and the ability to simulate the operation modes of the onboard network when carrying out adjusting works and check tests of on-board electrical equipment and instruments in harsh conditions. The article shows the possibilities for integration of the mobile controlled power source into a computer-aided manufacturing system. HARDWARE/Flash Memory 82 Specific features of Apacer industrial storage product line By Dmitriy Kabachnik The article provides the history of the creation and development of Apacer Technology and highlights the major technologies used by the company when producing the industrial storage drives available in cased and caseless form factors. STANDARDS AND CERTIFICATION 86 Military electronics: a review of the regulatory environment and practical application By Oleg Pisarenko, Victor Babarykin, Aleksandr Shchekoldin and Anastasiya Enderova The article is a continuation of reviews of the regulatory environment where defense electronics engineers work. This is the fifth of a series of articles on this subject in CTA magazine. It was launched by Dmitriy Kobzar as far back as 2007. Two years have passed since the last publication. What changes have taken place during this time? 109 SHOWROOM 116 SYSTEM INTEGRATION PROJECTS IN BRIEF 15 , 35 , 41 , 44 , 76 , 107 NEWS CD ROM in this issue FASTWEL CTA 3/2015 TABLE OF CONTENTS СТА 3/2015 www.cta.ru